"Throughout this whole process I have really appreciated your open and positive attitude! Thank you very much. I am delighted with everything!!!"


"Yay!!!!!!!! They look sooo good! Thank you so much again, you did such lovely work, and it was so nice to work with you!"


:The photos look great! Just wanted to say thank you for everything. Of all the people we hired for the wedding you are mine and Ray's favourite. We appreciate your time and all your hard work. Thanks"

Steve & Vicki

"Thank you very much for these pictures. They look AMAZING!! We couldn't be happier."

Kylene & Andy

"Thank you so much for doing all this so quickly! We loved the slideshow you sent last week so I'm looking forward to seeing everything on the website tonight (I'll wait so we can look together!). The pictures from the slideshow are great -- you do such beautiful work! Everyone at our wedding loved the table markers and our guest book too."


"LOVE THEM ALL!!! You did a great job Peggy!"


"Cindy & I are so pleased with the pics, we love them all. It was very difficult to make a decision & as you'll see I'm ordering a lot of pics."


"Fantastic Peggy!! Can't wait to see the rest. You are an artist!"

Chris & Athena

"We really enjoy your work and you as a person."

Allie & Tom

"Oh my goodness Peggy they are amazing I love them all thanks so much for putting them up, I was checking every day just in case you got some up before you left. You are definitely great at what you do, have a wonderful trip and we will talk soon :).Thanks so much!!!"


"Thank you soooo much again the pictures are just awesome.Thanks again"